Scapulo Humeral

Tibio Tarsus

The dog having 7 cervical vertebrae, 13 dorsal vertebrae and 7 lumbar vertebrae, the more the scapulo-humeral angle will be open (115°), the more the neck will look short and the angle tibio tarsus angle will be open (150°), giving to the dog good balance and a correct gate (propulsion and traction), with a light small trot, like moving on a cushion of air.
Slightly showing the rear legs pads.

The more the scapulo humeral angle is closed (90°), the more the neck will look longer, (the first dorsal vertebrae appearing with the cervical vertebrae) and the tibio tarsus angle will be closed (110° approximately). This accentuated angulation of the rear legs gives to the dog a forced propulsion raising with exageration the rear legs.

Dr Lescure 1961

Scapulo Humeral Angle
Tibio Tarsus Angle
Modern Lhasa

Scapulo Humeral Angle
95° to 100°
Tibio Tarsus Angle
110° to 120°
Americain Cocker

Scapulo Humeral Angle
Tibio Tarsus Angle

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