Mrs M.Hayes Standard

Mrs M.Hayes
Mrs M.Hayes
The Apso is scarcer than the Lhasa. It is really the same breed, but owing to the scarceness of these beautiful honey-coloreds, they have been given a label to themselves in the past. Sometimes slightly larger than the Lhasa, they are about the size of a Scottie, and like the spaniel, are only bred by the wealthy families. It is doubtful if they are obtainable anywhere except in Lhasa itself. Long, honey-colored coats, with a dark muzzle and dark ear tips, dark eyes showing through a fringe, they are extremely attractive. The long coat looks more wirey than it feels, and underneath is a thick lining of pure wool, which keeps the dog warm and dry in all weathers. After coming in out of the rain, an Apso shakes himself, and is dry in a few minutes.
These dogs have a distinct mane of long hair around the neck, which gives them a lion-like appearance. The Tibetans call them the "golden lion dogs," and it is significant that their pet names in their Tibetan homes are often "singhi" (lion) or "singtuk" (lion cub). Besides being pets, they are also valued as luck bringers. It is considered very lucky to have an Apso in the house.

Years ago Apsos were sent every year as presents to the Emperor of China by the Dalai Lama, which proves that they have long been an ancient and valued breed. There is even a theory that they were the original ancestors of the Pekingese, which would date them back to about 500 A.D.They are very faithful little dogs, intensely attached to their owners, and extremely intelligent. They make excellent guards, having amazingly keen hearing, and wonderful nerves.

Standard par Mrs M.HAYES:

• 1-Hair heavy, long, falling on the eyes; hair on the ears, legs, feet and tail., hair on the ears are darker. A long beard is caracteristic.

• 2-The tail is very important and must be rolled. I have seen a Tibetan who was asked if a dogs was a true Tibetan one, examinating the tail first. The tail must be rolled on the back, the tighter the better, at its end there is a little knot. Indigenes say that all dogs got it. My husband, amongst all the dogs he has exaline, has never seen a single one without it. I have seen a puppy bred in England which parents were Tibet import without it.

• 3-The jaws are generally slightly “undershot”; some times there are very much.

• 4-Muzzle measures about 1 1/2 inches long with a stop and rounded forehead

• 5-Bold and intelligent expression, dark brown coloured eyes smaller than those of the Pekinese.

• 6-On the head long hair, chrysanthemum shape folling down up to the eyes and the nose

• 7-Ears furnished with long hair.

• 8-The dog at adult age, three years, measures about 28 cm hight at withers should not weigh more than 4 to 5 Ks. The female must be smaller.

• 9- Colour : gold or honey are the most sought after, with no white spot, then gray which is more common.

1st February 1933 - American Kennel Gazette

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