Bhuteer Terrier
Lhassa Terrier*
Excerpt from the book "Livre de points de race de chiens les plus connues", Henri de Bylandt
1894 - Deutch Edition
1897 - Deutch and French Edition
1904 - Deutch, French and English Edition

General appearance
Elegantly built, ladies’ dog.

Distinctly Terrier-likeskull, falling away behind the eyes in a marked degree, not quite flat., but not domed nor aple-shaped.

Fore-face of fair length, strong in front of the eyes; nose large and prominent and pointed, not depressed; a square muzzle is objectable; stop slightly developed; mouth quite level, but of the two a slight overshot mouth is preferable to an undershot one; teeth are somewhat smaller than would be expected in a Terrier of the size.

Neither very large and full, nor very small a,d sunk; dark brown in colour.

Set on low, and carriedclose to the cheeks.

Well built; back not too short and with a slight arch at the loin; well ribbed-up.

Premier Putima
Owned by Mrs A. Francis, Cadnam.

Strong; hind-quarters and thights well developed.

Straight and short, there is a tendancy to crookedness; of good bone, owing to the heavy coat the legs look, and should look, very heavy in bone, but in reality the bone is not heavy; hocks well let down.

Round, cat-like, with good pads.

Carried well over the back; a low carriage is a sign of impure blood.

Heavy, of good length and very dense; a strong growth on the skull, falling on both sides. Legswell clothed right down to the toes. On the body the hair should not reach to the ground, there should be a certain amount of daylight. The hair is much harder to the eye than it is to the touch. It should look hard, straight and long, when to the touch it is soft, but not silky. The hair should be straight, with no tendancy to curl.

Black, dark grizzle, slate, sandy or mixture of these colours with white.

Height at shoulder
Dogs from 10 to 11 inches; bitches from 9 to 10 inches.

About 14 lb.

*) Often called Thibet Terrier, Bhutanese Terrier or Kasmir Terrier.

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