My Purpose


It is by a mere coincidence that I came across the Lhasa Apso.

I met Mademoiselle Violette DUPONT, many years ago, and was fascinated by her personnality and the beauty of her dogs. I did not realize, then, that I was entering a world totally unkown to me, the world of " dog fanciers".

Between the Lhasa Apso and me , a pact was concluded which is still in force today after many long years.

Through Mademoiselle DUPONT, I soon had the priviledge of meeting Hon. Mrs BAILEY and Lady Freda VALENTINE who had been at the origine of the official registration of the breed in England. My relationship with them allowed me to learn a lot about Lhasa Apsos.

I am not a breeder, I only had two litters which I kept entirely being absolutely unable to see one of my puppies going away.

I am an Expert Confirmateur of the breed in France, my love for these dogs has led me to collect some documents, writings and photographes of some interest. Having known the breed for more than thirty five years, I am sad to see that it more and more, deviates from its original type.

Too big, too strong, too heavy, too much fur, too much of everything !

It is the Tibetan dog in the Western style, reflecting the comsumer society, miles away from the genuine Apso, the perfect incarnation of a country where the mental prevails over the material, where nature creates living beings adapted to environement, where spirituality impacts on human beings and animals to the point that the behaviour, the look and the aristocratic expression of this breed, are absolutely absent from modern lhassas.

Authenticity has been ironed out for the benefit of the spectacular.

It is for all these reasons that, today, taking profit of the wonderful means of communication which INTERNET represents I have decided to open this web-site with the only purpose of trying to help the Tibetan Lhasa Apso Seng Kyi recover the distinguished position which corresponds to its glorious past.

Yolande De Zarobe