Paris 1937 USA 1954 USA 1989
Paris 1937
USA 1954
USA 1989

3 photgraphs, 3 periods in the display style.

From a pleasant way of living (" douceur de vivre ") to a strong discipline.
Whose the winner ? whose the looser ? That is the question !

In the 1937 Westminster Show in New York, Dr Ellen Brown remembers Mr and Mrs Cutting’s Lhasas as scruffy, kinky coated and ungroomed. They reminded her of dust mops but they also intrigued her.

The dogs which originated the breed in the whole world whould be excluded from the rings today.

Which is thus in a canine exposure most significant: the grooming, or the breed ?

Paris 1937 USA 1989 USA 1954
Mme Tikhobrazoff
Mlle Dupont
Milan 2000

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