This year 2009, the ides of march were stormy to the Cruft.

This respectable institution, unique world known dogs exhibition, has wavered on its basis.

Facing the RSPCA’s, (animal defenders) accusation who protest against the bad treatment given to the animals in order to get hypertype, and the refusal of the BBC to broadcast the event on television as it had been doing for the last 42 years, depriving 14 millions of British spectators of this famous show.

The Kennel Club organiser’s wisdom has allowed to avoid the worst.

All that does not go back as to today. The fire broods well under ash already since long time.

The masks failed, we will have to face the reality that has been revealed in its true colours.

All these genetic manipulations, these abuses, this excesses, everything that has been denounced did not star yesterday, it is not a spontaneous  generation that has produced these animals, victims of our avidity.

For more than thirty years an exaggerated style has dominated the dogs exhibitions.

Very few gave the alarm, scientists themselves were not  listen, success lulls lucidity. It was in the air at that time, but today it is not anymore.

What humans have not seen or did not want to see,  our old  earth has called us to order.

Be careful, stop playing the sorcerer’s apprentice in all the fields, it is matter of survival.

It is a pity that the  judges who could stop all these excess from the beginning had not done anything, if they had never accepted the first hypertype this style would not have spread around the world.

How those who devote the result of the breeder’s work have not had any good sense and have not felt what could be dangerous for the species under the animals flattering look.

The question has no answer, but it is a very important one because really it is the reason of the evil.

We cannot say, it is a lack of knowledge from the judges, they do know the DOG, so it is a

State of mind linked to the time.

To be proud of improving the breed, fighting against the defects, finding new medical , cares, why, if behind the façade we create breeds which are true cripples.

This is a paradox very difficult to explain.

But the reform has already started, among various decisions the Kennel Club is going to set about a comprehensive education programme in order  to check that only the  healthy dogs will be awarded by the judge.

From now all the judges should be what they never ought stop being the GARDS OF NATURE

                                                God always forgives.

                                                Man, sometimes.

                                                Nature, never.

Yolande De Zarobe