After 17 years of efforts, European Convention for the protection of the animal, was adopted in France in 2003.

Of all my heart I I applauded of the two hands this news.

Contrary to what some think, who see a threat for the cynophilie there, I fully agree with it.
This decision appears salutary to me for the backup of all the breeds which we love.

We had to be blind, or more simply not to want to see than for more than 20 years, the world of the dog had taken wrong path which obeyed more the rules of marketing and Show biz than those of the study and the development of the breeds in the respect of their type and their function.

For a long time already, many scientists denounced certain excesses ,but the high leading authorities of the cynophilie, carried by the wave of the successes obtained in all the activities of the canine world, did not hear them.

The layman, strage to this medium, these rules and these codes, did not approve either these exaggerations and this search of artifice.

By a quite happy combination of circumstances, science and common sense finally have met to rectify the helm of a drift the dogs have paid a heavy tribute. It will be necessary to consider a new vision of the cynophilie and consequently of the exhibitions closer to the spirit of the declaration of Mr. de Saint Hilaire when he inaugurated the first Universal Canine Exposure in Paris in 1863.

We will have to adapt eyes o the new morphology of the breeds which integrity is respected : no tails no ears cut. The presentations will be more natural, the Beauty will be that of the true type of the breed, that the man has learnt to preserve and present.

It would be desirable, that in the same spirit , the use of the castration of the males which are not selected for the Shows and the reproduction should cease in the USA.